We offer an extensive range of Intruder Alarm Systems covering all aspect of properties, both residential and commercial.


Century 21 Security offer an extensive range of Intruder Alarm Systems.  Our portfolio covers all aspect of properties, both residential and commercial.  Our Intruder Alarms are offered as audible only, or 24 hour monitored systems.

All systems we install are independently surveyed and designed to meet the latest standards being EN50131/PD6662 and installed to NSI NACOSS GOLD standards and include a NACOSS Gold Certificate for your peace of mind.

Our systems are predominately Grade 2 and Grade 3 and linked to a dedicated NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre to monitor the signals and alerts from your Alarm 24 hours a day.

Responses to these alerts are tailored to each customers specification, but commonly include keyholding, Police and Fire Brigade response.

Our alarm monitoring is facilitated by BT Redcare or CSL Dualcom solutions, which is installed and commissioned as part of your Alarm control equipment.  The Redcare and Dualcom modems route the alerts between your alarm and premises to a secure network and then feed such information to the Alarm Receiving Centre via mobile Data, Internet or both if required for a “Dual Path” security protection. 

The majority of commercial premises and any premise with a reasonable risk of intrusion would require Dual Path Monitoring, commonly stipulated by insurers.

Analogue phone lines and systems that use them are being rapidly phased out before the national PSTN (analogue) switch off proposed in 2025 by Openreach.  For more information please visit

Mobile Phone Apps

Todays technology and Alarms allows you to connect to your system with your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.  This allows you to see the status of your system, arm or disarm your system on demand, plus receive live push notifications when others set and unset the alarm on your behalf.  This provides peace of mind, ensuring your alarm is being used and your building protected.

Any alarm activation will come through to your phone including the sensor name and location within the building, allowing you or your keyholder to determine the precise location of where the activation has occurred before attending site.

We provide around the clock 24-hour support and routine planned service checks on security systems to ensure they are functioning correctly and comply with insurance and police monitored systems.

Takeovers / Adoption of Systems

Should you decide to move from your current security provider we can provide a full survey and takeover of your security system.  This may require additional works to bring the system up to the high standards and approvals we work to, however we will always ensure full transparency regarding any necessary changes and charges.