We specialise in CCTV and Camera installations including commissioning and maintenance


Century 21 Security are NSI NACOSS GOLD approved and provide NSI Certification for the CCTV systems we install.  We specialise in CCTV and Camera installations including commissioning and maintenance.  Our experienced team can advise and install CCTV cameras and systems to meet your individual needs and requirements from a single camera at your home through to a fully networked multi-site High Definition IP system.

The increasing benefits of CCTV is the advanced technology in image quality and picture resolution but also the ability to stream images to a mobile application on your phone or alternatively a professional CCTV RVRC (remote video receiving centre).

The detection levels allow for the reliable and easy detection of whether a person or vehicle is present. Using a mix of static, PTZ (pan tilt zoom) and thermal cameras and detection.  This can alert key holders or your Security Monitoring Service who can take the appropriate action eg key holder and/or police response.  We can also install the facility for live tannoy announcement as required.

The observation level gives characteristic details on an individual, such as distinctive clothing while allowing a view of activity surrounding an incident. This allows homeowners and businesses to observe a site or areas locally or multiple sites and areas as required, both live and replay.  Recordings can be tailored as per your needs to save all or selected camera history for a required image retention period.

The recognition level determines with a high degree of certainty whether an individual shown is the same as someone that has been seen before. 
The identification level enables the identity of an individual beyond a reasonable doubt.

Intelligent Analytics
Detect, identify and intelligently verify types of movement and temperature of equipment including specific targets e.g. a generator, motor or control panel that could be of risk of overheating and or fire.  These selected parameters can be commissioned and then trigger a local or remote alert to a mobile application on a phone through to a CCTV RVRC (remote video receiving centre).

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), also known as License Plate Recognition (LPR), is a technology that revolutionised traffic enforcement from its early days. It has helped reduce the number of traffic violations and stolen or uninsured vehicles. Now, the technology is finding its way into our everyday lives, from parking management to toll collection and beyond.